Star Theater of La Puente

Save the Star!

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Anonymous asked: Hello I was wondering if you are still working on trying to save the Star Theater given that its been several months since the last post on Tumblr.

Yes, the problem has mainly been that I had two full time jobs for a spell. I am getting back on the horse now to be more involved.

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Old Town Puente Revitalization


My friend and I are wanting to revitalize the Old Town La Puente and was including to restore the Star Theater as part of the project. Since you have a following we would like to talk to you either on the phone or get together soon. Thank you very much



I would love to get involved.  you can e-mail me at for more information.

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1st Time-Lapse

Building Up and Demolishing the Star Theater (1901) - Frederick S. Armitage

Time-Lapse footage of the demolition of New York’s Star Theater at Thirteenth Street and Broadway. This was filmed from the Biograph Studios office accross the street, with exposures taken every 4 minutes during daylight hours over the course of the 30-day demolition. The film was then reversed to create the “building-up” effect. Theaters were given the option of setting the film order to either Build Up then Demolish, or Demolish then Build Up.

Music performed by Billy Duncan for Change Before Going Productions.

I know this isn’t our Star Theater, but it still touched me like it was our theater. =(

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Anonymous asked: Who owns the star theater?? I want to buy it!!!

Me too! It’s bank owned right now.  I have to find updated information, the last time i looked it up was about 2 years ago.